GrowthPlay Webinar Series: Analytics 101

You know how when a doctor says, “you might feel a slight pinch” what she really means is this is going to hurt like, well, it’s going to hurt a lot? Many people have the same reaction when they learn that talent analytics rests on a statistical foundation. So, three things:

  1. First, there is no avoiding the fact that to really understand talent analytics, you need to know some statistics.
  2. Second, you really only need to understand two statistics.
  3. Third, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Really.


Join Advantage thought leader partner GrowthPlay to explore the two statistics (variation, and co-variation) at the heart of nearly all talent analytics (and at the heart of most ‘regular’ analytics as well).

Don’t panic; they take a conceptual rather than mathematical approach to this topic to focus on what the statistics measure, why that’s important, and how you can apply these statistics to the practical issues you face every day.

You will leave the webinar with a deeper understanding of the principles of talent analytics and a keener eye for good and bad analytics.


Bruce Sevy

This webinar, originally held April 20, 2016,  is presented by Bruce Sevy, managing director of GrowthPlay’s talent analytics business. He is also an organizational psychologist (he asks that you not hold that against him) with 35 years’ experience helping organizations grow their bottom lines. He’s a self-proclaimed iconoclast with a passion for data, analytics, and evidenced-based talent practices who proudly notes that “I’ve been using analytics since way before data got big.”

The Advantage Team

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