EQ skills leaders must have to leverage millennial talent [webinar replay]

Do your leaders have the required emotional intelligence skills to fully leverage the unique talents of millennials on your team?

Join Dr. Timothy R Clark, co-creator of the BlueEQ™ emotional intelligence self-assessment, as he shares his validated approach to leveraging the immense talent and technical skills of the millennial generation by building crucial EQ skills among your organization's leadership.

One of the biggest vogues in leadership training culture is to come up with a set of rules to "engage" millennials, but research shows that this is not the right mindset.

A better strategy for getting optimal output from a millennial workforce is not to create rules for engagement, but to train an organization's leaders with the emotional intelligence skills that create psychologically safe work environments. Psychological safety is the key working condition that Google found to be most important for creating business impact (see Google's Aristotle Project).

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What you will learn:

  • What EQ is and how it differs from IQ
  • How EQ impacts employee retention, culture, and the bottom line, especially in this new world of Millennial contributors.
  • How leaders with high EQ establish psychological safety zones that fulfill the unique needs of younger generations in order to enhance innovation, engagement, and performance
  • How you can develop the EQ within your organization using a validated approach
  • How the behavioral changes of leadership and contributors can be sustainable and permanent.

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