New Leadership for the Global 'New Economy'

Success in the new economy requires a new approach to leadership. The world is moving at lightning speed, becoming more complex and competitive. Leaders must reach skill levels never before required as they face increasing global competition, information overload with limited time for review, an increasingly diverse workforce that requires educating, the need to develop highly efficient communities of workers – and that’s just the short list of leadership challenges.

In his excellent white paper, Fred Bates, Ph.D. (from our Thought Leader partners BTS) says that new economy leaders must provide direction through a sea of chaos. “What they may find in those waters are new models of leadership.”

Bates explains that leader competencies must change along two dimensions: organizational capabilities and strategic capabilities. Leaders must also become not only learners, but learning “evangelists” able to prepare the entire organization for upcoming challenges. Where to begin? Bates says what’s needed is “a radical shift in our perspective of what it takes to truly create a new generation of leaders.”

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