Spring Insights: 10 daily habits of highly effective managers

Insights from Advantage, our quarterly email newsletter, is designed to cut through the clutter so it can be quickly scanned and enjoyed by you. It contains only the best and most valuable resources and opportunities we can find to help your leaders lead, sellers sell, and business flourish.

Insights from AdvantageOur Spring 2017 edition is a virtual Easter egg of goodies prepared especially for you with help from our thought leader partners. Crack it open and you can:

  • Check out the 10 Daily Habits of Highly Effective Managers from our newest thought leader partner, Jhana, purveyors of bite-sized learning for people leaders.
  • Grab our Financial Formulas Cheat Sheet from 10,000 Feet, creators of the popular simulation Interplay. Do you know your key financial ratios?
  • Get a 2nd quarter Strategy Health Check from Root and make course corrections if you need to while there's plenty of time left in the year.
  • Attend some free webinars from BlueEQ and see how building emotional intelligence can help you reach your business goals. We especially like the one coming up April 13 on helping health care organizations increase their HCAHPS scores on patient satisfaction. Co-founder Tim Clark will share his validated approach to making those scores rise.
  • Get a free code to take the BlueEQ emotional intelligence-self-assessment and receive a personal development plan tailored to help you strengthen any weak areas you might have.
  • See what we're reading: In Learn Better, author and researcher Ulrich Boser says there's a lot riding on a new approach to learning, and the reason is sitting right there in your smart phone. Disruptive technology has presented us with a new normal in which how we learn matters just as much as what we learn. Because "we’re all getting dumber in the age of Google," Olga Khazan interviewed the author recently for The Atlantic about what people can do to boost their memories and skill sets.

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Julie Wolpers

A web developer, editor and marketing consultant, Julie creates compelling content for brands and helps coordinate and execute the Advantage marketing strategy.

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