The 'So Circle' of Sales Transformation

Leisa Mohler-Erickson is a sales transformation expert with lots of good ideas. Here’s one we like: When executing a new sales strategy, the impulse to take the next small step based on the last one (“this happened, so we need to do this…”) can be a fatal flaw. Those assumptions usually oversimplify the situation, result in action instead of transformation, and almost guarantee lackluster results. In this blog, Mohler-Erickson shows sales leaders how to avoid falling into the “circle of so.”

Sales organizations are re-energizing as they head into a new calendar year, which promises much brighter days ahead than those in the rear-view mirror. A return to strategic planning is reverberating and you can feel the energy building. Creating winning, high-end, consultative, solution, and business-results focused sales teams is returning to top of mind. More often than not, organizations seeking to create sweeping performance change in their sales team bring in consultants like me to assist in the process of defining and implementing the required elements for a lasting transformation to occur.

In the course of my dialogues with VP’s of Sales who are seeking a true shift in their team’s ability to execute differently, I lay witness to a predictable process for those early in the planning phases of the execution of their strategy, which may be your organization.  The scenario often is comprised of a “so circle” and a few fatal flaws for those who truly seek a transformation of seller behavior.


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