Don’t Assume You’re Making a Difference

The whole point of corporate learning is to develop people so their performance results in positive business impact. But you’d be surprised how few learning processes focus on that goal.

Most focus on simply getting people through a learning event and maybe a refresher session. Companies hope their learners will apply new skills in ways that contribute to enterprise success. But that’s often just wishful thinking.

We now know that unless learning is specifically designed to create business impact, 85% of it won’t. Before you stake your reputation on false assumptions, use our Free Diagnostic  to consider:

  • How well your learning is aligned with business goals
  • Whether the necessary support is present from individual learners and their managers
  • How well instructional design promotes skill transfer
  • Your quality assurance and evaluation practices

If you discover that your learning approach isn’t making a difference after all, replace it with a system designed to create business impact. Measurable, monitored, and guaranteed. The Advantage WaySM.

The Advantage Team

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