The Advantage Way System: Results. Guaranteed.

Gold seal image - 100% satisfaction guaranteedResearch shows that 85% of all training has zero impact on job performance. Advantage decided to help its clients beat those odds.

Our solution is The Advantage WaySM system. We guarantee that when you implement The Advantage Way system, your organization will achieve documented business results as well as improved job performance. And for the first time, you will be able to measure the business impact of training – solid proof of its value to your organization.

The Advantage Way is the result of our strategic alliance with Robert O. Brinkerhoff, Ed.D., a world-renowned authority on training effectiveness and evaluation. It is based on more than 30 years of research and practice, and has been proven with leading organizations. Limited Brands, Boeing, Anheuser-Busch, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and many others.

Effort = Impact. Finally!

The Advantage Way system:

  • Gives each employee a clear “line of sight” to the business impact he or she must make after learning concludes.
  • Engages managers at all levels in ongoing coaching conversations with their people, to ensure that learners continue to use new behaviors that will help them achieve agreed-to business results
  • Includes our proprietary Success Case Evaluation Method® that measures and demonstrates behavioral and bottom-line results of learning

The Advantage Way system includes cutting-edge development for HRD professionals and easy to use tools for managers and learners, all aimed at the goal of delivering better business results from training. The system is easy to implement, enabling your organization to convert learning consistently, quickly, and effectively into meaningful business results.

The Advantage Way Certification

This powerful and innovative two-day certification program prepares you to deliver High Impact Learning (HIL) throughout your organization. It provides L&D professionals with the framework for linking learning to business impact so that learners both improve job performance and achieve documented business results. Learn More »

Benefits to Your Organization

When the Advantage Way system becomes an integral part of your learning culture, your organization will find that:

  • The business impact derived from learning investments consistently doubles or triples
  • Learning initiatives are more tightly aligned to specific business challenges
  • Productivity improves
  • Learning & Development professionals are seen as valued business partner consultants, and evaluated on their contribution to the success of your organization
  • Cultural or systemic obstacles that may impede learners’ success back on the job are identified and removed
  • There is organization-wide commitment to the strategies and processes that reinforce new behaviors after training, including coaching and measurement

In short, your performance improvement efforts will FINALLY result in business impact!

We guarantee it.

» Read the Client Success Story: Holcim used The Advantage Way to make training stick and get a great ROI from its learning investment. MORE »

» The Advantage WaySM System pdf(pdf)

Editor’s Note: The Way to Success newsletter is for L&D professionals who are serious about turning their organization’s learning efforts into measurable business results. Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff, a global thought leader in the areas of evaluation and training effectiveness, is the author of the newsletter. This newsletter will put into plain English and “bite size” articles his wisdom, experiences and tips for assuring that learning initiatives deliver business impact.




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