It’s Not Always About the Money

We were just reflecting on the importance of knowing how, when, and why your customers buy. Understanding what factors drive their purchase decisions. Matching your value proposition to what your customers care about most. This blog from Clarity Advantage sales guru Nick Miller shows why it matters. (Hint: It’s not always about the money.)

In which we are reminded that our clients make decisions to change based on a broader set of factors than cost savings and that, sometimes, cost savings isn’t even first on the list.

I answered the ringing phone at 5:15 pm. Every sales rep’s dream, right? Get to the senior executive after 5:00, when the gatekeeper is gone? The sales rep at the other end of the line, Jamie, sounded a little startled to hear my voice.

Jamie: “Mr. Miller?”

Me: “Yes.”

Jamie: “Um…er… This is Jamie Enders at Vital Communications. I’ve been speaking with your assistant, Carla.”

Me: “Yes, I’m aware of your conversations.”

Jamie: “Oh, good. Well, I’d like to come in to meet with you for 20 minutes to show you how we can save you money on your phone bill.” [This meant: “I haven’t been able to convince Carla and I’m hoping I can persuade you.”]

Me: “Well, I appreciate your efforts, and I’m aware that you may be able to save us money, but I really don’t want to take time to meet with you. I’d prefer you continue to work with Carla on this.” [Meaning: “You have NO idea what 20 minutes means in my day and I don’t want to focus them on you and your offer.”]

Jamie: “But we really can save you money relative to your current phone bill. I’m talking about just 20 minutes of your time.”

Me: “I understand and this is just way down on my priority list at this point and I’d prefer that you continue to work with Carla.” [Which meant: Are you kidding me? Please, go away!”]

Sound familiar? Read the blog »

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