7 steps to effective sales leadership

rocketWhen I think about all of the sales process engagements my clients have hired me to architect and implement, one common question always comes up:  How do we get our people to buy into the changes?

Without buy-in change doesn’t happen.  Without change your results suffer.  If you’re at the top of the heap, say the EVP of Sales, your neck could be on the line.

This column is the first in a sales leadership series I’d like to share with you.  See what industry leader Root Inc. has to say about leadership:  7 Steps to Effective Leadership by Root Inc. 

Source: Sales Leadership | Mark Sellers | LinkedIn

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Mark Sellers

Mark is an international sales consultant, CEO and founder of the sales consulting firm Breakthrough Sales Performance®. In 2008, he published The Funnel Principle© book and introduced a game-changing standard in the sales funnel called The BuyCycle Funnel™. Since then, sales leaders around the world have hired Mark to implement the 5 Step Funnel Principle Process, an enterprisewide business process for funnel management.
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