Show Why L/D is a Strategic Resource

We hear it from Learning and Development professionals all the time: “We want leaders and managers to view us as a strategic resource that will help them execute and effect change. But they don’t see us that way. What can we do?” Register for our complimentary 3-part Advantage WaySM webinar series and find out. Webinar #1 will address:

  • How to get managers to bolster L/D efforts without begging them to do so
  • How to overcome the impression that L/D budget dollars are optional
  • What you can do to secure a permanent position at the executive table
  • How you can help the rest of the organization understand the value that L/D provides
  • How L/D can gain status in the organization and become a sought-after strategic resource

Don’t wait. Show people the strategic value that Learning and Development has to offer.

Register now for Webinar #1: “How To Create Stickiness to Generate Bottom Line Impact” (Feb 22, 2013 at 12pm ET).

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