The Top 6 traits of top-performing technical sales support pros

Do your salespeople struggle to hold their own when customer conversations take a technology deep dive? Then throw them a lifeline and recruit a technical sales support team.

However, just because a sales support candidate is “technical” doesn’t mean they will have what it takes to provide the support your salespeople need.

Over the course of assessing more than 400,000 sales professionals, our research has identified 140 success-related attributes as they apply to 14 discrete sales roles. Here are the six attributes top performing technical sales support professionals have in common.

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Infographic: Tp 6 Traits of Tech Sales Support Pros

Source: The Top 6 Traits of Top-Performing Technical Sales Support Pros – SalesGenomix | Ed Shineman

Ed Shineman

Co-Founder and CMO at SalesGenomix
A career sales and marketing executive, Ed is co-founder and CMO of SalesGenomix, a psychometrics-based assessment service that draws upon Chally International’s 30-year research effort to predict the success likelihood of sales candidates based on the role they are required to play.

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