Why Your Sales House Needs an Architect and a Builder

In the past, your solution for lagging sales might have been to purchase some training (shore up one corner). Or cobble together your own sales process (apply a coat of paint). Maybe get some tips from a consultant (remove a wall and hope the ceiling didn’t fall). Did it work? Probably not. Your sales organization got a few upgrades, but the structural problems remained.

All that has changed. Today, optimizing a sales force is like building a house. You need two levels of expertise: an Architect and a Builder. Not just good advice: a formal blueprint with structural integrity. One that factors in everything — from people to technology — that impacts your sales organization. And not just a few nails: a comprehensive building process based on the blueprint. A plan that is executed fully and precisely, in alignment and accordance with your sales strategy.

All of this might seem like the obvious way to execute strategy in today’s intense sales environment. But you’d be surprised how many sales leaders have never thought of optimizing sales using this multi-layered team approach. If you’re one of them, learn more about Advantage’s SalesOptimization framework. We provide the Architect and the Builder you need to maximize your sales strategy for optimal business results.

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