Holiday Insights: Our best free resources

Holiday Insights: Our best free resources and tools for 2017

Warm wishes from Advantage Performance Group! For our holiday edition of Insights, we'd like to share some of our best and most popular free resources from the year:

  • Make your culture count - The impact of a company's culture on productivity, profit and more, plus our Top 10 List for for how to make your company's culture count.
  • Be a great boss - How to deal with a bad boss (without getting fired), how to know if you're accidentally being a bad boss (and what to do about that), and how to splice an intelligence culture into your company's DNA.
  • Get best-kept secrets of high-performing managers - Sign up to access a replay of our webinar and roundtable discussion held December 12, 2017. 
  • Tell a good story - Say goodbye to bullets and lengthy, boring text! Take your audience on a memorable journey.
  • Raise your EQ - Get your overall emotional intelligence score, a heat map of your strengths, and tips on how to improve one of your weak spots.
  • Arrive just in time - Browse our collection of best-practice tips, guides, and tools for on-demand learning.
  • Stay on top of the trends - Our business development blog is actively updated and now organized by topic: leadership development, sales performance, and business acumen.

We've got more! Access them below or sign up to get our Insights newsletter delivered quarterly to your inbox (It's short and sweet. No spam, we promise!):

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