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Insights on Business Acumen

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."  - Jack Welch

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Synonymous with business skills, business acumen is defined as an intuitive and applicable understanding of how a company makes money.

Insights from Advantage Performance Group brings you relevant business development topics to help your leaders lead, sellers sell, and business flourish. Here are our most recent posts on developing strong business acumen.

High Impact Learning: The Advantage Way Certification

Link learning to business impact and get results! New certification dates are Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2015, in Chicago

The Advantage Way System Webinar Series: Driving Business Results Through High Impact Learning

Listen to a replay from our popular webinar series.

Simplify Your Strategy

3 simple steps for clarifying strategies so your people will understand, remember, and execute them.

Making Better Decisions Is Everybody’s Job

Make sure ALL your people have the acumen to optimize business results. Your bottom line will thank you.

Steve Jobs’ Business Courage

It was a sad day this month when we lost Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. But what extraordinary ideas he left us. One was his unique brand of business courage.

Do We All Agree on What 'Strategy Execution' Means?

Five beliefs successful companies seem to have in common.

One Person Makes a Difference in Learning

Run by one guy, the Khan Academy is a virtual school delivering lessons to millions.

30 days of free learning

(Re)Introducing KTB -  mobile, connected and improved!

Leveraging best-in-class, just-in-time learning, Advantage thought leader partner BTS has brought one of its flagship solutions – Know the Business – into the modern era while retaining the heart of the original program.

Designed to drive financial understanding by combining finance-related topics and engaging multimedia elements with patented BTS expertise, Know the Business enables all users to make sound business decisions that drive bottom line results.

Sign up for free 30-day demo account with access to 6 learning modules on financial reporting.

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