Sales Roles Have Changed – Are You Equipped to Fill Them?

Sales roles should be segmented into hunters and farmers. Hard-driving “hunters” who focus on bringing and closing deals are the best. You can also segment sales by inside vs. outside sales. Of these, “outside” road warriors who meet face-to-face with customers are best.

Does this conventional wisdom sound familiar? Well, sales roles have changed.

click to view the pdfIn The Changing Role of the Sales Professional, Advantage thought leader Chally Group turns conventional wisdom on its head. Their research shows that favoritism for hunters is “both strange and counterintuitive” because selling to existing customers (farming) is far more profitable. Similarly, favoritism for the outside sales role is “rapidly becoming both absurd and obsolete” since new technology has made inside sales so effective.

The point is that sales organizations have become more complex, are segmented differently, and include a much wider variety of roles than in the past. To fill the roles, you must understand the competencies required by each, and then rely on data – not outdated assumptions – to determine which sales person will be the right fit. This report gives you valuable research and recommendations for putting the right sales person in the right sales role – no matter how much change lies ahead.

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