Three Steps to Exceptional Strategy Execution

Improving execution is a priority for almost every CEO. But it isn’t rocket science. And it doesn’t require a big overhaul or fancy formula. Truth is, managers can become better at executing strategy simply by doing a few things differently in three areas.

In  Exceptional Strategy Execution, Peter Mulford of Advantage thought leader BTS explains that exceptional execution can result from just a few activities that develop managers’ alignment, mindset, and capabilities. In other words, E:AMC.View/download the white paper

Here’s how it works:

  • Alignment: Management teams must be able to describe their strategy, and agree on where and how managers of each function contribute to strategic success.
  • Mindset: Managers have “frayed” 4 crucial connections over the past few years – to the firm’s vision, their own values, their own talents, and to each other. Strengthen these, and managers will execute better and faster.
  • Capabilities: Change just a few capabilities – but the right ones. Advantage WaySM architect Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff says to focus on “identifying and then enabling a few vital behaviors, and accelerating strategic adoption of those behaviors in the few critical roles.”

Remember E:AMC. Just a few high-leverage changes will make all the difference.

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