Jonathan Hodge

Jon focuses his primary energies on the development of new breakthrough learning systems, executive level consulting for strategic client partners and supporting the cast of team members that are the heart and soul of Advantage Performance Group. Recent posts Don’t be like Diminisher Jon, be like Multiplier Jon By Jonathan Hodge | February 1, 2016…

Kevin Brito

Charged with creating robust lead generation and client contact opportunities for Advantage, Kevin serves as the Advantage partner liaison, providing resources and coordination to the company’s partner and thought leader networks.

Joe Beilein

A highly experienced account manager and consultant, Joe specializes in helping organizations improve leadership and teamwork, performance mastery, business literacy, and sales and sales management. His approach to solving business challenges focuses on practical analysis of performance gaps, and applying results-based solutions to close those gaps.

Carol Bunn

Carol helps organizations optimize business results through skillful actions taken by leaders and their teams. A specialist in sales optimization, leadership development, and business acumen for more than 20 years, Carol helps leaders put the right people, right processes, right capabilities, and right communications into action.

Karen Carlsen-Carney

Advantage Performance Group Partner Karen Carlsen helps organizations improve performance, leadership and profitability. As partner for more than 10 years, she specializes in leadership, business acumen and sales mastery. She helps leaders plan and execute their vision, goals and return on investment. By focusing on helping companies develop and implement effective leadership development, talent management,…

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