"The simulation made me realize that I was not giving my team enough credit to do the work that was expected."


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Study tracks electrifying results of the Multipliers Simulation at Madison Gas and Electric

The simulation made me realize that I was not giving my team enough credit to do the work that was expected. I have a new awareness of the strengths of my team.”

A participating leader at Madison Gas and Electric

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98 leaders participating in a 4-month period

97% participated in follow-up activities

97% self-reported measurable results


Preparing leaders to create a utility of the future

At Madison Gas and Electric, we’re focused on becoming a utility of the future. As part of our Energy 2030 initiative, we’ve identified the critical skills needed by our leaders to effectively lead us into the future. In order to support the growth and development of our leaders, we turned to our longtime partners at Advantage Performance Group and BTS to help implement the Multipliers Simulation.

Based on Liz Wiseman’s groundbreaking book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, the Multipliers Simulation shows leaders how to lead as Multipliers (rather than Diminishers) of their employees’ talents and intelligence.

We launched Multipliers in 2016. Early in 2017, our partners at Advantage surveyed the program participants to measure the results of the simulation. The survey results verified that the Multipliers Simulation is driving behaviors that are creating a measurable business impact.

Participants reported that they are delegating more tasks and projects to employees and doing less rescuing, involving teams in making important decisions, providing stretch assignments, and having more productive team meetings.

They also reported increased team member engagement, improved performance and productivity, better communication, and faster time to performance for new employees.

In perhaps the greatest testament to the effectiveness of the program, 97% of the respondents indicated that, as a result of participation in the Multipliers Simulation, they learned something that they have been able to use on the job to help accomplish measurable results."

Practice Area: Helping Leaders Lead

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