A practical, customer-focused, needs-based approach to selling

The exclusive Porter Henry Purchase/Sales model recognizes that selling is not a linear step-by-step sales process. The process is consultative, based on how customers make purchase decisions, a proven, defined process that has been validated.

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This highly interactive and practical workshop is designed to improve sales productivity and results by helping sales people sell in a professional, consultative, and confident style.

The workshop, available in two versions (selling to end-users and selling to re-sellers) is based on years of research with top sales executives and producers, and provides a unique model to help salespeople facilitate their customers and prospects through a predictable “purchase process” for making decisions.

SalesAbility III covers these consultative selling essentials:

  • Building relationships
  • Planning effective sales calls
  • Focused questioning skills to build credibility and identify customer needs and
  • Relating product and solution benefits to customer needs
  • Handling customer resistance and objections
  • Gaining commitment/closing


Porter Henry

SalesAbility is from Porter Henry, an Advantage thought leader partner.

Practice Area: Helping Sellers Sell


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