Sales Process: Banish the Bureaucratic, Autocratic, and Irrelevant

WEBINAR 6 | Sales Optimization Series
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Sales Process: Banish the Bureaucratic, Autocratic, and Irrelevant

Held December 14, 2012

Webinar reveals two crucial processes that align internal sales management and external selling to customers.

Trying to integrate a new sales process is often met with either passive indifference or outright resistance – because the process is often bureaucratic and/or irrelevant. We get that. It’s why we have spent the last decade creating processes that achieve what you need: sales managers aligned with salespeople and salespeople aligned with how customers really buy. No heavy bureaucracy. No irrelevant activities. Just 2 ways to execute better – internally and externally. Discover these powerful sales processes to optimize your sales organization.

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During the webinar, we will present two critical internal management and external client-facing processes that are requisite to optimizing your sales force. Jason Anderson, SVP of Sales and Field Operations at Pacific Pulmonary Services, will share his company’s experience of creating a powerful sales engine that hums on all cylinders to execute with consistency, discipline, and rigor.

Don’t miss this webinar if you are questioning any of the following:

  • How can I truly vet where opportunities are in the pipeline to increase the accuracy of our forecasts?
  • Can we get our sales strategy more aligned to how our customers prefer to buy?
  • Why can’t we get consistency on how sales leaders manage their team?
  • How can we create more “stickiness” as we implement new sales process initiatives within the sales force?

Sixth in the Series

Join Russell Paterra, Advantage SVP of Optimization Initiatives, and Jason Anderson, SVP of Sales at Pacific Pulmonary Services, for the webinar.

Russell Paterra

Russell is an experienced senior executive who brings the know-how of leading organizations to greater heights of success. His career provides a diverse perspective. He served as a sales executive at Xerox for over 15 years and prior to joining Advantage, he was VP of Sales at Pacific Pulmonary. He also served as CEO for companies in the energy management and business-to-business, telemarketing industries. His responsibility at Advantage is to assist senior executives within our client organizations with the practical thought processes and disciplines for the successful implementation of their SalesOptimization efforts with a single intent in mind…deliver positive economic impact to their respective companies.

Jason Anderson

Jason has served as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Field Operations since 2007. He joined PPS in 2003 as Center Manager. He was promoted to Area Manager in 2003, to Region Manager in 2005 and to Region VP in 2006. Prior to PPS, he held several positions with the City of Los Angeles, including Assistant Deputy Mayor, and also worked for First Union Bank as Assistant Vice President. He received a BA in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, and an MBA from Stanford University.

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