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Sales Performance Solutions

We help you create sales organizations that amaze your clients – and your shareholders. Our sales processes and tools give your sales leaders a consistent way to manage, coach, and measure superb selling. And every sales person benefits from world-class best practices that migrate throughout your organization.

Create a winning team able to blast past sales targets year after year. Begin with Advantage learning that guarantees the path from performance to positive results is always a straight line.

Sales Performance Success Stories

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Sales Performance & Sales Leadership Solutions

Our Toolbox includes more than 400 learning solutions. Click on a program name to download a description, then contact us to discover the role it can play in your learning strategy.

Sales Performance

Account Management
Develops the skills to create and execute effective account plans, set clear objectives and business goals, and design action plans for long-term account sustainability.

Advancing Client Interactions
Helps employees increase their ability to interact effectively with clients, team members, vendors, and partners.

Aligning Value
Changes the way salespeople interact with executive buyers, enabling them to calculate the true value of their offerings and communicate them in the context of what each customer values.

Building Value
Provides specific information on what key customers consider necessary in order for salespeople to be credible and gain executive access.

Communicating Value
Focuses on ways in which sales professionals can engage customers in an interactive discussion that clearly conveys the value of their offerings.

Customer Buying Process
Develops a deep understanding of a target market’s buying dynamics, including buying steps, buying triggers, stakeholder involvement in the buying process, and associated value drivers and activities.

Customer Mindsets
Puts salespeople inside the customer’s head to learn the context and process companies use to make purchasing decisions.

Customer-Oriented Selling™
Teaches a consultative process for developing understanding and agreement between the customer and salespeople throughout the sales process.

Just Negotiate®
Improve your ability to negotiate internally and externally.

Opportunity Management
Promotes the importance of evaluating sales opportunities from the customer’s perspective, and helping the sales team identify and pursue opportunities that are right for their organization.

Organizational Sales Effectiveness Assessment
Examines every aspect of the organization to determine how it may be helping or hindering its ability to create and keep customers.

Pharma Sales Accelerator
improves customer understanding in the evolving market, accelerates application of best practices related to the sales process, and introduces high-impact sales questions.

Pipeline Management
Introduces participants to the powerful concepts of planning and growing the sales pipeline.

Planet X
Allows participants to explore how well they practice effective sales, sales management, and customer service skills.

Raise Your Game: Advanced Negotiation
Take your powerful negotiation skills to the next level.

RapidBuild 1: Decoding the Customer’s Buying Process
Develops an understanding of the buying process of the organization’s target market, and how to synchronize selling to engage successfully in that buying process.

RapidBuild 2: Crafting the Selling Strategy
Employs a Third Generation Selling organizational strategy to align and coordinate the selling team.

RapidBuild 3: 3g Sales Roadmap Design
Having mapped the buying process and crafted the organizational selling strategy, creates a sales process that synchronizes selling to the buying.

Sales Accelerator
Focuses on aligning sales efforts with the customer’s buying cycle, researching in advance of the sales call, applying sales best practices, and asking high-impact questions.

Sales Blueprint
Builds the skills to create and manage powerful, analytical, action-packed major account plans that produce winning results.

Sales Endeavour
Provides a repeatable process for winning competitive sales opportunities.

Sales Funnel Simulation
Helps executives and managers develop the understanding, behaviors, and skills to build more efficient and profitable sales and customer service organizations.

Sales Process Design
Develops an organizational sales strategy and process that embraces best practices and synchronizes to customers’ buying processes.

Sales Process Implementation Planning and Rollout
Participants build an implementation plan that will result in maximum sales ROI, and adopt methods that enable the measurement and management of the total sales pipeline.

Sales Support Roles and Responsibilities Process Design
Aligns and coordinates all resources and activities across the organization in support of an optimal sales process.

SalesAbility III Consultative Selling
A practical, customer-focused, needs-based approach to selling.

A dynamic simulation of the real-world challenges salespeople face as they implement new strategies and skills.

Territory Management
Adapts approaches from Account Management and applies them to the challenges of effectively building and managing a territory.

Value Lab
Challenges sales leaders to focus on the behaviors and knowledge expectations that customers demand in order to elevate performance and envision success for their sales force and organization.

Winning Major Sales – Account Strategy Module
Sales people learn how to broaden and deepen their customer relationships, get involved early in the customer’s decision process, and sell to executives.

Sales Leadership

Coaching for Just Negotiate®
Become effective change-agents through coaching and mentoring.

Builds on the power of trust-based relationships as foundations for all feedback and coaching interactions.

Driving Business Results
Equips sales managers with the skills to deliver business results by utilizing best practices and systems-thinking methodology.

Just Negotiate®
Improve your ability to negotiate internally and externally.

Sales Leadership Cadence
A customized, systematic process comprised of the routine activities, tools, and management disciplines for executing sales strategy.

Patient’s VOICE® Skill Clinics™
A standards-based healthcare customer service improvement program designed to reduce hospital re-admissions, risk, and costs as well improve quality, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Raise Your Game: Advanced Negotiation
Take your powerful negotiation skills to the next level.

Sales Management: Leading and Coaching Your Team
Shows managers how to effectively manage and motivate the sales team while using coaching to achieve desired performance levels and mutual goal alignment.