Top 10 Training Predictions for 2011

In business as in life, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected these past couple of years. But luckily we can rely on a few experts to provide a sneak peak at the trends all of us should know about. CEO Doug Harward is one such expert, and his “10 Predictions for 2011: Trends that Will Reshape the Training Industry” includes some predictions that caught our eye:

Prediction #4: The role of the learning leader is shifting from being a program manager to a solution architect.

Any move away from “learning means going to a classroom and hearing a lecture” is something that both training departments and their learners should readily embrace. Harward explains, “The Learning Architect is becoming more of a consultant, designing solutions not in event form, but in the form of knowledge objects.” We heartily concur. Advantage has long supported this notion with insights, best practices, and tools that give employees what they really want and need: solutions.

Prediction #5: Learning technologies are becoming social, collaborative, and virtual.

Harward says, “The future of learning technologies has arrived: Learning portals elegantly integrate social and collaborative tools for access to knowledge. They are virtual worlds of intelligence where learners get information that is not organized or delivered as an event.” We couldn’t have said it better. And the fact that virtual content is becoming so mainstream that it’s part of a 2011 prediction rather than a future wish list? Music to our ears.

Prediction #8: Learning content will be transformed for easier consumption.

You have to marvel at how far the integration of learning and technology has come in such a relatively short time. Harward predicts that learning content in 2011 will be less about “putting a wrapper around it and calling it a course” and more about creating  “smaller knowledge objects, even repurposing information that comes from articles, press releases, white papers, competitive research reports, and the like – all related to solving business problems. This is why search engines have ruled the internet.” And why the transformation he cites will continue to dazzle us all.

These predictions are worthwhile reading for everyone invested in helping good employees thrive.

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