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Interviews and insights from leading talent development professionals and company executives who are passionate about developing their people

Building upon the excellence of his Entrepreneur Hot Seat podcast, Advantage Partner Andy Storch has launched a new podcast focusing on talent development.

Sponsored by Advantage Performance Group, the Talent Development Hot Seat podcast allows talent development professionals around the world to share their insights, experience, challenges, and some of the top trends they are seeing in the L&D profession.

Here's Andy describing his new endeavor:

Proudly sponsored by Advantage Performance Group

The Talent Development Hot Seat podcast provides an inside look at talent development from professionals in the field.

Host Andy Storch's interview lineup includes discussions with practitioners from companies including GE Digital, MarketWatch, Siemens, Salesforce, PwC, Progressive Insurance, Porter Novelli, Delta Air Lines, Logitech, HP, and more.

"In our work with L&D professionals from around the world, we have discovered their love for sharing knowledge and learning from one another. But there seems to be a void in that outside of conferences and blogs, there is not a great way for them to do this in an audio format they can take with them on the go," Andy says.

If you work in talent development for a large company and would like to be interviewed on the podcast, or if you know someone who would make a great guest, feel free to connect and/or reach out to Andy.

"We are fortunate (and excited) to have Andy on board with us and leading this initiative on behalf of our entire team," says Advantage President and C.E.O. Jonathan Hodge.

Note: This podcast is not limited to talent development professionals. Andy also intends to interview line and sales executives who are passionate about talent development as well as selected thought leaders who can add value to the podcast.

Access the latest episodes below:

Andy Storch, host of the Talent Development Hot Seat podcast

Latest episodes

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Talent development professionals: Are you getting the best work from your people? Are you building a culture that can unlock everyone's potential?

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