The 30-30-30-10 rule for hiring sales professionals

There is no silver bullet for selecting sales professionals. However, having a structured process can significantly improve success rates. The best results, by far, occur when those making hiring decisions use a process based on a combination of factors.

We recommend the 30-30-30-10 rule:

  • 30% of a final selection should be based on predictive assessment results like those from the GrowthPlay Talent Assessment.
  • 30% based on interview results
  • 30% on background information and reference checks
  • 10% on perceived fit for the company’s culture
The 30-30-30-10 rule

Here's how tools from GrowthPlay can assist you in the first two steps of the 30-30-30-10 process:

1. The GrowthPlay Talent Assessment

One of the first steps in the selection process is to conduct a job analysis to identify the important duties, tasks, and responsibilities needed to be successful in a specific role. We work with clients to gather information from key stakeholders to better understand the business metrics supporting the targeted roles and provide an analysis and recommendation on competencies that are best aligned with your strategies.

Once a profile has been established for a specific role, individuals are assessed to see how they compare to one or more roles. It is this level of detail that enables us to clearly differentiate between different types of sales roles. Whether assessing an external candidate for a new hire, or assessing an existing team for developmental/promotion purposes, no one provides more accurate, specific data to make effective decisions.

The online assessment:

  • Consists of 288 questions and takes 45-60 minutes to complete
  • Collects 866 individual data points
  • Predicts success against 140 competencies
  • Measures the candidate’s potential on-the-job behaviors, most distinctive (or driving) motivations/workhabits and candor in taking the assessment

2. A structured interview process

To assist clients in implementing a structured, scorable interview process, GrowthPlay also offers tailored interview guides.

Interview guides for specific positions are available with cone questions for each of the critical success skills that have been identified for that particular position.

Research has shown the cone question approach is the most effective process for interviewing. When using this approach, the interviewer starts by asking open-ended questions which focus on characteristics sought in the candidate.

An alternate set of cone questions for each of the critical success skills is also available so if there is more than one person interviewing a candidate, you will automatically have cone questions for both people responsible for interviewing. Both include a guide to score answers.

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For more information about GrowthPlay capabilities, see our detailed guide on talent management solutions that help organizations hire the right people for the right positions, drive productivity, manage developmental costs, transform your team, and gain a competitive advantage.

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