Multiplier or Diminisher: Which one are you? [Infographic]

Liz Wiseman, author whose research helps a leader be a multiplier or diminisher

Liz Wiseman

Quick workarounds to help leaders boost the brainpower around them

Are you a Multiplier or Diminisher? In their research-based book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, authors Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown report finding patterns of behavior among leaders who consistently get more from their employees (Multipliers) and conversely among those whose behaviors have the opposite effect (Diminishers).

Time required: 3-minute read. Takeaways:See if I’m an Accidental Diminisher, Note simple workarounds,"As we studied Multipliers and Diminishers, we heard case after case of smart individuals being underutilized by their leaders. We heard their frustration as they told us how little some leaders got from them, despite how hard they were working and how they tried to give more," Wiseman and McKeown write.

But they also tell of successful leaders able to create and grow genius all around them.  Consider these two:

  • Lutz Ziob, general manager of Microsoft Learning, whose team says of him, "He creates an environment where good things happen. He recruits great people, allows them to make mistakes, and ferociously debates the important decisions. He demands our best, but then shares the success with the whole team."
  • Sue Siegel, former biotech president turned venture capitalist for Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV), whose partner says, "There is a Sue effect. Everything around her gets better and companies grow under her guidance. I often wonder what people are like when they aren't around Sue."

Build brainpower in your organization with these tips from the bestselling book, now also a powerful 1-day leadership simulation.

By identifying these patterns of behavior and their consequences, Wiseman and McKeown offer some simple workarounds to help accidental Diminishers turn into Multipliers. The simulation offers more workarounds and provides participants with opportunities to practice them in challenging situations.

The promise of their discovery is simple:

You can be a Multiplier. You can create genius around you and receive a higher contribution from your people. You can choose to think like a Multiplier and operate like one."

Here are some tips to get started.

When does 1+1=3?

When the creator of a groundbreaking concept teams up with a leading experiential learning firm to produce the Multipliers simulation, brought to life by the Wiseman Group and Advantage thought leader partner BTS, a global firm that specializes in designing fun, powerful experiences that have profound and lasting impact on people and their careers.

The Multipliers simulation is available exclusively from Advantage.

Need some tips on how to print out a tall infographic?

Our infographic is formatted as a PDF that can be printed via Adobe Acrobat in poster mode (then taped together for a wall-size display), or download it as a jpeg image to use with Block Posters, a free online  service. 

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