10 Leadership Lessons from LinkedIn

You could say that LinkedIn is growing fast. In fact, it gets two new members every second!

Could you lead effectively and keep your people focused on results while managing that pace of change? LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner does and, as Jeanne Meister reports in her Forbes blog, he says that 10 leadership lessons help him do it:

  1. Define leadership in your company (begin with a clear vision)
  2. Understand how to evolve from a start-up to a public company (leaders must evolve from solving problems to coaching others to achieve results)
  3. Prioritize your business goals (Weiner learned from Steve Jobs to focus on doing fewer things, and to do those things well)
  4. Practice time management (carve out at least an hour a day to reflect, think, and see the big picture)
  5. Encourage all employees to think like an owner (everyone must understand the P&L impact of their decisions)
  6. Keep putting your customers first (if that’s your core value – live it)
  7. Remember to laugh (humor needs to be a part of every executive’s day)
  8. Find time to reflect on what’s important to you (in a personal sense, what do you want to accomplish?)
  9. Understand what makes you happy (Weiner lives by “5 keys to happiness”)
  10. Communicate the importance of the next play (celebrate and reflect on the team’s successes and failures – but keep moving on)

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