5 Crucial Skills (That a Computer Doesn’t Have)

Managing talent can be a daunting task. You need to understand the competencies required for each job. Find the right people and put them in the right roles. Develop, coach, mentor, and retain those people. Build a bench of potential leaders and move the right people up at the right time. Recruit the right new talent. Put them in the right roles. On and on.

This subject doesn’t make us think about computers per se, which is why a recent blog at The Build Network is so intriguing. It posits that in addition to all of the above, you should consider the crucial things that computers can’t do well and make sure people on every team are great at them.

There are 5 crucial things – can you name them? (Spoiler: Persuasion is one. “Does anyone seriously think that a great salesperson will be unable to find work, even in a highly digitized economy?”).

Keep these 5 crucial skills in mind as you develop and implement your talent management strategy so that “your organization can capitalize on what technology increasingly enables instead of being competitively victimized by it.”

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