Can't Execute? Not the CEO's Fault

Maybe you already knew this: leaders need alignment, mindset, and capability in order to execute successfully. But we bet you didn’t know this: ALL of those performance drivers must be in place. As Tim Blakesly puts it, “A misfire in just one of these elements will result in sub-optimal performance.”

In his blog for our Thought Leader partners BTS, Blakesly explains that lackluster strategy execution isn’t because the CEO lacks leadership vigor. It’s more likely that the 3 essential drivers of superior execution aren’t all firing on the same cylinders.

According to Blakesly, the solution is to focus on those people who are best able to build alignment, inspire mindset, and develop capabilities. Who is this critical audience? It’s not your executives or technical specialists. It’s your front-line and mid-level leaders. Spend your development resources on these folks and you’ll accelerate execution across your organization.

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